❝Taehyung’s fans caught trying to make false rumor about Jennie Kim❞

Taehyung & Jennie’s dating rumor has been going on from months.Yg entertainment or Hybe no companies confirmed nor denied it,so fans has been doing their speculations by stalking these idol’s instagram accounts or invading their privacy by connecting baseless clues.

Recently some Taehyung’s fans caught discussing to create a false rumor about Jennie Kim with a Saesang.They are not only invading their idol’s privacy but also want to make a false rumor about an innocent woman just to get rid of a pointless rumor.These guys also continuously harassing & slut shaming Jennie,making up theories about both of the idols.

K-pop stans should learn first how to respect a person & how to not invade other’s privacy.

This is a really weird behaviour!!!