❝Taehyung’s fans caught trying to make false rumor about Jennie Kim❞

Taehyung & Jennie’s dating rumor has been going on from months.Yg entertainment or Hybe no companies confirmed nor denied it,so fans has been doing their speculations by stalking these idol’s instagram accounts or invading their privacy by connecting baseless clues.

Recently some Taehyung’s fans caught discussing to create a false rumor about Jennie Kim with a Saesang.They are not only invading their idol’s privacy but also want to make a false rumor about an innocent woman just to get rid of a pointless rumor.These guys also continuously harassing & slut shaming Jennie,making up theories about both of the idols.

K-pop stans should learn first how to respect a person & how to not invade other’s privacy.

This is a really weird behaviour!!!

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It became worse than pannchoa because it lets blinks spew their nonsense freely


No one is taking blinks serious, pack it UP


admin please don’t allow anyone to come here and write everything as they pleased like this is Twitter, we only want to read translated posts 😪


i’m just laughing at how none of y’all know how to spell the word “sasaeng” lmao saesang just means new lol

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It will never stop being hilarious to me how one dumb conversation thread on Twitter between a couple of jobless stans becomes “news” worthy of being translated, and then slapped with a blanket statement headline like “Taehyung fans try to _______”. None of this even remotely resembles what either of these peoples fandoms actually care and talk about on a daily basis.

Whoever translated is either in the mood for some baseless Taehyung slander in the comments section or is just bored out of their mind. People posting things like this and the high rate with which people consume it without independent and rational thinking is the reason this site is absolutely unnecessary.


Written by a tae anti and dumb blonk ✍️

But I wasn’t done…

Blinks are really mentally ill. Like seriously. No one plays victim like them girlies and their fans. Free Taehyung from these fads.

Dot Com

I don’t see the problem 😭😭

If blonks don’t like bts or Tae stans then stop shipping him with your hag. GD is right there giving your girl all his attention and your fandoms actually get along but y’all rather be in our faces… and then complain that we wont accept your dozens.

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GD is an attention seeker no one cares about that hag.

no blinks shipping him with that coward. it jikookers who disguised as taennie shippers and your own fandom obsessed with that rumour. Mind you tell your fad to deny dating jennie. Jennie has given the same answers in all her dating rumours but clearly V does not care if his name linked with her when he denied the rest of his dating rumour but went mute on this.

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He doesn’t speak coz he doesn’t care about her. Tae is known for speaking up for himself, his members, his friends, his family, he even spoke about Joanna coz she was his friend, lol if that doesn’t tell you all he doesn’t care about your girlie idk what will. And the way you all blonks run away from GD man respect your girls choice she literally loves calling herself female gd, and dispatch was on their throat deny it all you want idc leave tae out of your bs

But I wasn’t done…

Jennie is the ultimate clout chaser be serious. She is the only one that gains from this dating rumor. That bitch been passed around so much y’all can never focus on one man too long. I know Tae is the best rumor to happen to her but have shame. Tae clearly dgaf about your hag so tell your co fandom to stop dick riding him because y’all embarrassed she sucking GD

Dot Com

the only one basking in the glory of this media play is Jennie. Her and her group of flops only know how to latch themselves onto men to get themselves clout.

A lack of talent makes you have to go down different avenues to get attention.

Girlie let her phone get leaked for months before her clout chasing got too much for even YG and he had to step in. Blinks are y/n inserts that want to claim taehyung through their fad but since it’s not going as smooth as y’all thought y’all throwing slugs at him.

Deranged fandom. Deranged idol.

WhatsThe Point

I have a theory, most taennie shippers are jikookers with her solo stans and blinks who badly want tae to date jenni so they can live through her like the self inserts they are and jikook shippers because they’re deranged andnwant their shop to be true


I agree with this assessment 💯


Oh trust me all taennies shippers are either jokers, tae anti, blonks who wants to live through that girl or Jennie anti, like there is not a 5th catagory to this.

The worst part is atleast she have some real fans in taennies but tae all these fuckers are his anti, they never support him nor do they protect him always ready to throw him under the bus but when it comes to her they get triggered so easily and always defend her.

I fucking hate shippers but taennie shipper sit on top of that they are the worst things that could ever happen to taehyung they are not normal, analyse smallest of smallest thing he does or post its sad he doesn’t even post a lot these days and when he does these people ruin it by always attaching it to her, like for them tae is nothing more than a puppet who is relevant on for shipping


blinks do not care about hat man nor want them to be together. Have some shame it is jikokers pushing this. Jennie solo stans especially despise this when all it gets is jennie dragged becuase his stans wan him fucking his bandmate and want him to be gay so bad. Also, you forget their literally a lot of armyblinks. I seen plenty of army pfp all for them to be togehter do not push this on blinks.


Lol all these taennies shippers hide behind tae’s pic coz they know if they put Jennie’s pic she will get dragged if you don’t like it then ask your fellow breed to not post shit like these. And except for psycho taekookers nobody wants or think like that, just like taennies aka jokers and blonks have their own agendas to fulfill

But I wasn’t done…

Blinks were the only one gassing up those leaks and only switched up when that hoe got nudes. Army and Tae stans always distanced themselves from that situation but you freaks wanted to look unbothered and karma came for that ass. Jennie is an attention seeker loser just like GD no wonder they found each other. Tae too good for that dozen anyway.


Blinks started hashtags for Jennie from day one and sent emails to YG Ent. Are you announcing Blinks as shippers because we didn’t do analysis to prove those stupid photos were edited? Nobody wants your V. Because I wouldn’t want my idol to date someone from Bts when that fandom is saying so many bad things about Jennie every day. Btw, we did the same things we did in our idol’s previous dating rumor. That Gurumi guy shared more pictures because of your fandom. Are you dragging her because of that bathtub photo that was shared without Jennie’s request? So let’s say that Gurumi is an army? Because he literally respected V.


Blinks are the Kanye Wests of kpop. Highly offensive. Highly victimized. A sense of nausea and embarrassment is brought on when they are mentioned.

Disbandment is the only answer I fear


Whoever wrote this is delusional, right? Taehyng fan base we don’t waste time making up nonsense, we leave that to Blink. 


Blonks making up shit like we are not seeing how they are after tae 😂
Bitchs want him for their girl so bad not coz they think he is good for her but coz bitchs want to live through her.

Armys are way too lenient with these girls and their fans coz we always speak on facts coz the day we start pulling imaginary shit blonks will cry

Also blonks you all have like 6-7 months with these girls won’t it be better to focus on them insted of idk always being in bts business?


blinks making shit up again. there’s no need to make up fake rumors about her. her reputation’s already’s in the gutter because of her own actions lol


By what actions? Her reputation just fine.

But I wasn’t done…

Nah she got a slut reputation deal with it


they always like that 🤢🤢


idk why armies like this


This site has gone to shit. Please stop allowing ARMYs and Blinks being able to post pointless posts and digs at each other or this would be no different than Twitter.


The tweets literally have 0 likes lmaooo… blonks fr be crying over anything and everything amd they never leave out the opportunity of naming themselves seem like the victims evwrytime… its pathetic.


“Armys” and it’s 4 people in a twitter circle


Fck all amspit ars**t dog fandoms

I only support women

Tsk tsk I have never seen someone dumb like BTS fans armys


You support only women… unless they aren’t talentless Midpink members. We know


Blinks getting embarrassed with Spotify fraud and media play so they bringing out taehyung to divert attention. Blinks are shitty folks

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