1st place after Music Bank was reorganized today

1. The fan vote score is higher than I thought

2. Both groups have a lot of fans, but the difference is huge

3. Their digital score is disappointing

4. I don’t know why overseas fan votes are reflected in domestic music show

5. Wow, look at the difference in digital scores

6. Even without fan votes, the winner is still ATEEZ

7. Now, you can consider Music Bank’s 2nd place as 1st place

8. 13 points? NewJeans has no fans or their fans didn’t vote

9. ATEEZ’s only crime is selling albums and voting well… If you want NewJeans to win like that, why don’t you guys buy some albums and vote for them?

10. A song that didn’t make it to the top 100 got #1 on music show…. Too bad

11. Just watching Music Bank now makes me laugh

12. I have never listened to ATEEZ songs, I think their song is outside the top 100

13. ATEEZ sells albums well, but I don’t know why you guys are mocking them

14. No, you have to vote if you want to win

15. ATEEZ is so popular, they deserve 1st place

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this kinda correlates with the previous posts . At the end of the day , casual listeners are not going to do voting for you like fans did . Hope Newjeans’ fandom will be stronger and wishing for other 4th gen ggs to have a strong and stable fandom too .


NewJeans sold 800k preorders. Thats not the issue. Their fanbase is also heavily female. People don’t put in the work for girl groups all the time probably bc they assume they will win. ATEEZ also sold more physical anyway. They’re not exactly a nugu group dependent on the public.


What does their fanbase being women have anything to do with it? Majority of bgs fandoms are mostly women too… the truth is that ggs fandoms will always be smaller in comparison to bgs, and ggs fandoms also arent 100% loyal all the time, even less now with so many new ggs debuting, even in twitter is discussed how a portion of fans of ggs jump to the new next shiny gg. Ggs benefit from the gp that could buy 1 album and will stream and even go to their concert but will not active participate in something like the 14424 votings that take place in kpop all the time🤷🏽‍♀️


Because women buy more albums, thats what It has to do with it, but their fandom isnt small. You just didn’t vote. GG fandoms may not be 100% loyal but thats why companies are catering to female fans nowadays. 13 vs 2000 is embarassing, means they didn’t care, and which is why its better to have a fanbase as a gg than casual listeners that will waste time barking at others on twitter. You’re preaching to the choir. GP doesnt buy albums.


There are baemons, baby monster nicknames on pannchoa/ twitter alr. They’ve alr jumped. This Yr, there’s sm ngg in summer, iland ngg, boys planet, another boy grp thing, yg ngg and niziu k-debut. So it won’t last.


It’s not about gender but the size of the fandom . Obviously Newjeans’ fandom is smaller than Ateez who has been here for few years now.

Which correlates to your ‘ Ateez sold more physicals btw ‘ cause obviously you guys are bigger than Newjeans’ fans that has only been here for few months so of course you guys sold more physicals. We also need to take consideration of the album versions too and these same versions that are probably put in different stores that have different preorder benefits.

800k means nothing, it could be 100 fans bulk buying the same albums . We can apply this to Ateez to like they are million sellers but their songs barely cracking on k-charts and their streams on Spotify does not reflect their recent album sales too


The statement “Ateez sold more physicals” isn’t even true. NWJNS album ‘OMG’ already sold more albums (626k) on Hanteo than Ateez album (385k). The thing is that Ditto was released earlier (19th of December) and OMG sales will be added next week.


Their fandom is smaller but they just debuted last year no shit. Just stop being rude to boy groups because you are salty when you didnt vote


Nj mediaplayed on Spotify. They bought Spotify streams using payola playlisting. Blackpink too. The other grps do not. Have not seen atz been playlistrd on Spotify. Don’t see what’s there to boast? It’s western Sajaegi. Why are nj stans proud they’re doing fraud????

Nj mediaplaying fans

No they did not. Nj sold $10 bags w a cd to make the sales. Ppl were buying a cheap bag on sale.

The number you wrote for jan is the printer number. Any comp w capital can decide what mediaplay number. 5 mil is fine too if they have the capital. Most non rookie grps do not do this (sm who print less than demand) bc they do not want to take a loss. Le sera also had a mediaplay printer number of 300k that fans spouted trash and pretended it was sales. Le sera was copying aespa’s debut strategy. Which was to pretend they had 500k (mediaplay better than itzy, next blackpink, popular in america). But aespa’s 500k shipments had 230k returns after a Yr.




These score was expected since ditto wasn’t their official comeback and only released as pre digital single, just wait for OMG i guess


At the end of the day your fandom will be there to support you and vote for you…. having high casual listener is good but to survive in long run you need a strong loyal fandom to support you…newjeans situation is same they need to create a loyal fanbase in order to solidify their dominance otherwise GP will stop streaming if song doesn’t reach their expectation


Honestly the way they tear these girl groups apart is annoying. Its not 2012 anymore. You can be a fandom based group and still be successful. Depending on casual listeners isn’t the way to go.


As i said before casual listeners wont go vote or doing something extra. Thats why i said, you guys really need to chill about predicting which 4th gen gg is the top one. We talked about this every year, n every year its always different groups. Why? Because knetizens, kpop fans change their current gg to like so fast.


In this case you can’t blame casual listeners, it was 13 to 2000, people just didn’t care bc gg stans only care about breaking records while bg stans work overtime bc these music shows are the only recognition they will get

Lazy Banana

A prime example of why kpop groups actually need a solid fanbase cause Halazia isn’t even on any kchart except Bugs and they still won. Powered by fandom sales and votes.


NewJeans’ OMG physical sales only started on Monday, their physical scores will be high next week as this week sales tracking is for next week’s scores

spicy spice

music bank being suspicious sometimes but this is why u need fans, they can save you when gp doesn’t pick you up cuz gp only listen to your songs even on repeat but they never doing any of things that only fans always did just like sales and votes. gp tend to get bored and changed their favs thou. while fans can stay loyal no matter what happen.


The song was released and went viral before there were physical copies of the single album to be purchased. It’s not that GP had abandoned them. It was a pre-release.


We are talking about fan votes here. Not sales. Newjeans dont have yet strong fandom that care to vote.


😬 I like ATEEZ generally, but this is true. “Ditto’s” the number one song, and why are international fans voting in a domestic music show?


Why are overseas sales counted? Why are international votes for award shows counted? Based in ur point of view, only album sales made by koreans inside korea should be counted no?


I mean international award shows and music shows are completely different situations. This is strictly a local based show. The award programs tend to literally be international events taking place in other countries. It makes sense for international fans to get involved. This isn’t the gotcha you think it is.


Congratulations to ATEEZ! So proud of you guys, let’s get more wins and do well this cb too👑

I don't make the rules

Ummh. More proof that hybe payola newjeans bc they don’t have strong fandom. No sales, no votes.

Nj payolas

Dude, nj openly payola sajaegis Spotify. Just open Spotify and click the playlists. They were defo there 2-3 weeks after debut and their fans embarrassingly wrote all over twitter they mass emailed min heejin and were boasting min heejin finally sajaegied for them via Spotify playlisting. Pannchoa comments also had some ref to this payola incident by their fans.


And at the Inkigayo ATEEZ aren’t even in top3, that’s how u can tell which program is more relatable… It’s not ATEEZ’s fault but I also think that in music shows that are domestic programs and their goal is to award the most popular song in a week (not a best-selling album or smth) they shouldn’t put global voting over digital…
Also, comment #9 is funny bcs NWJNS already sold more than Ateez album but NWJNS released their album one week after ATEEZ.


Bragging about album sales when no one is listening to music, as if those albums aren’t getting bought and trashed for the lottery of being at one of their fanmeets. Even i-fans are getting exploited via video call raffles.


This will be huge disadvantage for non idols bcs no matter how good they perform on chart, another crappy songs from nowhere will still win over them. Well, music bank is the least reliable afterall. This group should be ashamed with digital score of 10 and still winning because of their ATMs

Nj the hype bubble

Looks to me that ateez has a solid fan base while nj has no fans. The other k-fans also said nj hasn’t been able to even give away the free music show tickets. The scores just reflect that. Nj just has a lot of groundless hype. In a few weeks, there’s yg ngg. Then iland 2 ngg, boys planet? Nbg, sm ngg in summer. Don’t think this grp is solid. They do have the adults fawning over children type of gdwill that classy and most younger grps who are looked on as children have though.

Nj no fans

13 votes is literally less than them + their parents voting once each. So which 2 parents didn’t vote????

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