1st place on Music Bank today

1st place on Music Bank today


Ten 3739
TWS 4896

1. Wow, congratulations to TWS for winning 1st place!!!

2. TWS’ song is so good

3. I’m also not interested in male idols but I like this song by TWS

4. I like TWS’ song, I also watched the encore, they did really well

5. I like TWS’s song, I listen to it every day

6. But I don’t really know who the person on the left is

7. I was wondering who Ten was but it was NCT

8. The difference in musical scores is huge

9. It feels like they are giving all kinds of reasons just because they want to criticize TWS

10. I like this song so I listen to it often

11. Who is Ten?? NCT, right?

12. Look at the votes;;

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