2 K-Pop artists who will be on the ‘Billboard Hot 100 Year-End List’ in the same year

Jungkook and FIFTY FIFTY

2012, 2013: Psy Gangnam Style
2020, 2021: BTS Dynamite
2021: BTS Butter
2023: FIFTY FIFTY Cupid, Jungkook Seven

1. Jungkook released ‘Seven’ in July and it was a huge hit

2. Seriously, FIFTY FIFTY is awesome

3. Jungkook ‘Seven’ is not even three months old

4. Jungkook, I hope your next album will be a huge success too!

5. I feel sorry for FIFTY FIFTY

6. I only feel sorry for the company, the CEO and his staff, I don’t think it’s necessary to feel sorry for the FIFTY FIFTY members

7. Jungkook is seriously amazing

8. Wow~ Jungkook

9. Jungkook is amazing and FIFTY FIFTY is pathetic

10. As expected, Jungkook will be there

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