2 members of Pledis’ new male idol group ‘TWS’ who get the best responses ever

Shinyu (born 2003)

Dohoon (born 2003)


1. I really like cShinyu and Dohoon

2. Dohoon’s visuals are my taste but I like him because he’s also so good on stage

3. Shinyu looks like a combination of Hyunjin and Seungmin

4. I think Shinyu is handsome

5. They look more like models than idols… but their body proportions look good

6. Shinyu looks a bit like Hyunjin

7. Shinyu looks like Hwang Hyunjin

8. Their faces are really small.. their proportions are amazing

9. Reminds me of Wonpil and Hyunjin

10. When I watched the video, I thought Dohoon was so handsome

11. They look like the main characters in a web drama

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