250,000 people voted for the one top 2nd generation girl group

T-ara 5%
Wonder Girls 12%
SNSD 82%
Kara 2%

2NE1 ranked 5th

1. I think it’s SNSD, but some people might think it’s Wonder Girls

2. SNSD is amazing

3. No one can deny that SNSD is the one top 2nd generation girl group, right? Even with 250,000 people voting, it was overwhelming

4. If you think of a national girl group, it’s SNSD

5. I’m not a fan but I think it’s SNSD…

6. Whether at their peak or now, SNSD is overwhelming

7. For me it’s always SNSD

8. I can’t think of anything else but SNSD

9. SNSD, my parents still know the members’ names

10. I like Kara, but I agree with SNSD

11. When I saw ‘2nd generation girl group’, I thought of Wonder Girls

12. SNSD is legendary

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