3 female idols who are famous for being handsome these days

IVE An Yujin

ITZY Ryujin

NewJeans Minji

They are female idols who are famous for not only being pretty but also handsome

1. All three are so handsome…

2. Shin Ryujin is so cool

3. All three of them have in common that they are handsome and popular with women

4. All three are handsome, but Ryujin… There’s something more about Ryujin than that… She makes people’s hearts flutter…

5. Minji is so handsome

6. Ryujin is crazy, she’s so handsome

7. I gasped when I saw the first photo of Yujin

8. Yujin, Minji, and Ryujin are all handsome and pretty with different auras

9. If I were born again, I want to have Ryujin’s face

10. Wow Ryujin is so cool

11. I also want to add Winter here

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