3 female idols who get good responses with male idol challenges

Chaeyeon – Super

Kyujin – S-Class

Momo – Rover

Maybe there are more female idols who do better, maybe I didn’t know

1. Momo dances so cool

2. Kyujin is good at dancing male idol choreography

3. Chaeyeon is really good

4. I agree with all three of them. I watched all three videos at least 5 times

5. Momo and Kai’s clothes are similar, so it’s like a team

6. Looks like the female idols from JYP are good at dancing

7. Kyujin dances well and she uses facial expressions so well

8. I think Lee Chaeyeon dances the best among female idols

9. Chaeyeon is amazing

10. Kyujin is even better at dancing than Hyunjin

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