3 female stars with looks that make Koreans crazy regardless of gender or age


Park Bo Young


1. It’s not IU, even though she’s the best out of the three of them

2. It’s not IU, I completely agree with Suzy and Park Bo Young

3. I only think of Suzy and Park Bo Young

4. Park Bo Young is seriously so cute and adorable

5. I don’t know about IU

6. Park Bo Young is loved by people of all ages

7. I agree with IU… especially men… Actually, most people like IU, but it’s not just because of her looks

8. Are you an anti of IU???

9. I only like Park Bo Young and IU

10. Write this down in your diary. Celebrities are being criticized because of you

11. Both men and women like Park Bo Young and Suzy, but women like IU more for her skills than her looks

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