4 girl idol groups who won Rookie of the Year and Daesang at the same time after debuting

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

2NE1 – Fire

Aespa – Next Level


1. Wow, only 4 girl groups

2. These are songs that everyone knows

3. IVE is from small and medium agency, they are daebak

4. Starship is in between JYP, SM, and YG. They are so cool

5. Was Miss A ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ so popular among the public at that time?

6. I’m proud of IVE

7. Miss A is the group that won Daesang + rookie award + 1st place on Melon annual chart when they debuted

8. Miss A and 2NE1 got more for their debut songs

9. JYP, YG, SM, Starship… IVE is amazing

10. IVE, congratulations

11. They are girl groups that you can trust and listen to their music

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Lazy Banana

IVE definitely deserved. Idk why Idle stans are questioning SOTY lol. Love Dive charted so good.


wait didnt twice also win theirs that very year?


Wasn’t Cheer Up and TT released in 2016?


twice debuted in october 2015 so they still got nominated for rookie of the year in 2015. cheer up & tt were actually released when they were still 1 y.o group (just like aespa & ive too), but they got their daesang not in 2015, so not in the same year

while for aespa, they debuted in november 2020 so they got nominated as ROTY in the next year, 2021, in which they also got daesang. ive is the same case. they debuted in december 2021, so they got nominated as ROTY in 2022


And they said blackpink is the “2nd 2ne1”, “replacing 2ne1”?
LMAO, far in you dream!

But I wasn’t done…

Ended flatpink


I love that 2NE1’s legacy will never die. They were the START of what “monster rookie” means.


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