4th generation boy groups that assert their status and get bigger

Stray Kids

#1 on Billboard 200 (2 times in a row)
Over 2 million copies in first week, over 3 million copies in album sales


They charted on the Billboard 200 for 14 weeks
Billboard 200 year-end chart
Over 1.2 million copies in the first week


#6 on Billboard 200
Over 1.2 million copies in the first week

1. What is the standard for the 4th generation? It’s been 6 years since Stray Kids debuted;;

2. Even if Stray Kids sold 3 million copies, their popularity in Korea is 0

3. TXT does well both domestically and internationally

4. TXT songs are really good, I hope they get better

5. Is Stray Kids really popular? I don’t know

6. Is Stray Kids 4th generation?

7. I hope ENHYPEN will get better. All their songs are good

8. I personally only know Hyunjin as a school bully

9. I’ve never heard of Stray Kids songs and I know them through the school bullying controversy

10. TXT’s songs are good and they’re handsome too

11. I guess NCT is not the 4th generation

12. TXT’s songs are so good, they are popular both domestically and internationally

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Skz and en- have bad US sales, only popular in SEA nas LatAm


TXT have 500k pure US sales. Only BTS and TWICE have gotten that this year… 😭 Stray Kids are flops the members have a bad reputation in korea and Enhypen is only famous in Philippines (they make up 90% of the fandom)


Gods Menu is the only gold eligible song by a 4th gen artist


Right but the issue is the TTs aren’t growing in impact they just have sales. Gods menu is years old


don’t stan any of the groups above but honestly I do agree that skz is more popular and stronger than the other two groups in terms of fandom-wise but honestly if you want to take consideration into domestic and global , and the general public interest, isn’t TXT performed better at both ?

Not really sure about Enhypen but their b-sides often blow up on Tiktok like Polaroid Love and Shout Out and these are the only b-sides songs I know from them thanks to Tiktok’s edits too


BTS at 2 years already have a hit in korea for i need you and already getting 2nd highest album sales just behind exo. While 4th gen bg still dont have a hit n just rely on album sales. 4th gen gg hard carrying the digital.


Let’s not compare , bts did everything cleanly , no deals no bribes no payola no bundles , even pop artists can’t relate ….their only drag is how many versions dynamite have , which is nothing comparing to others


yes, they were flopping in korea so they decided to start making more public friendly title tracks which worked out for them. I’m expecting txt and enha to start doing the same thing since their last comebacks didn’t perform well on charts and hybe has to prove that they can somehow exist without bts. also let’s not forget that not even bts has had a huge memorable hit (that would be huge both internationally and in korea) until dynamite which was good 7 years into their debut.


8. I personally only know Hyunjin as a school bully

I dunno who is he or what he did , but seems like Korean will never let it go


It’s TXT fans in those comments not any random korean

Ki Ki

Stop lying to yourself MOAs don’t have anything to do with it. Anytime Hyunjin has an article published about him Knetz bring up his past.


Especially because of The Glory’s popularity.


You think MOAs are that many? Lmao… Just.look at the upvotes of txt posts and then the upvotes on Hyunjin hate posts. Txt get maybe +100 and Hyunjin hate gets like +2000.



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Lazy Banana

Funny how they all assert their position on Billboard 200 cause we all know it is easier to chart on there. Wake us up when they chart on the Hot100 too.


2. Even if Stray Kids sold 3 million copies, their popularity in Korea is 0

Their popularity everywhere is zero, they’re completely unknown outside the fandom


Skz and enhypen flop


hybe is really taking over, either gg and bg


txt 4th gen leaders we love to see that

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