4th generation female idols are on par with 2nd generation female idols and they are more legendary than the 3rd generation female idols?

Honestly, 4th generation female idols will be remembered as legends

NewJeans, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM have really different vibes, their music is good and their choreography is high quality, I personally think they are on par with 2nd generation female idols and they are more legendary than the 3rd generation female idols

1. I disagree..

2. It’s true that 4th generation female idols are good, but 3rd generation female idols are still doing well..

3. It’s just that I remember the time when I was most passionate about K-pop, it was legendary. I was born in 1999 so listening to the songs of the 3rd generation gives me goosebumps, for me, the 3rd generation is legendary! Everyone’s opinion is different!

4. I like the 3rd generation, but I think the lyrics, concepts and choreography of the 4th generation are much higher quality..

5. TWICE-BLACKPINK-Red Velvet is legendary

6. Overall, I think the 3rd generation is better in terms of popularity

7. BLACKPINK?? TWICE, Red Velvet..

8. Why is LE SSERAFIM there?

9. Stop comparing with previous generationsㅋㅋ

10. 4th generation female idol groups are good. But I don’t know why you grabbed the previous generation’s hair

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dives attacking lsrfm is hilarious to me


Hahaha you guys are obsessed with dives. And also, it feels like you guys are seeing imaginary things that others can’t see

Last edited 4 months ago by 4nia

well it’s true that dives are 24/7 crying about lsf & newjeans


Just accept that lsf are nowhere close to ive in korea the op who did the post was sitting them up or maybe its hybe mediaplay lol

spicy spice

red velvet wouldn’t be an A list group if they ain’t came from sm ent. i mean look at the gap among rv, bp and twice. rv are far away behind these 2 but got included whenever twice and bp was mentioned.

Shu yan

That’s untrue rv would have been much more better if they aren’t from sm ent. By the way 9th year still they sold out all the venues for their concert.


Let’s be frank, nobody will care if RV isn’t from SM.


Just like other groups from big companies

spicy spice

even their concert venues are much smaller than bp and twice, ofc they sold it out.

and they will be a nugu group without sm. none of them are stand out except irene, yet she’s kinda vanished from industry since her controversy. they gain nothing despite being privileged as a group that came from a big company. that’s why their position kinda awkward for me.


Nope, you are just spouting hatred and nonsense things

spicy spice

what nonsense? lmao. thanks to sm ent so girlies can ride the fame of A lister group.

Like Crazy

Twice is the only 3rd gen gg still relevant so yeah it’s not gonna be hard for 4th gen gg to be more legendary than the other 3rd gen gg. NewJeans and Le Sserafim are already iconic


The lies 😂

Shu yan

First try selling an 8k stadium


*blackpink the only 3gen gg to make into the top 5 on melon with both of their comeback


Bp and ive are there lol


Lol, what a bs


seeing these 4th gen gg stans feels like you’re watching those kindergarten kids who argue on “no one in the world has my backpack it’s the prettiest of all ever” with other kids & put out their tongues for elders


8. Why is LE SSERAFIM there?

They deserve to be mentioned since they just broke the biggest first day sales record. Their song is doing well on charts too. If IVE and NJ can be mentioned for being good at streams, then the gg who is doing well at sales should be mentioned too.


Also there’s only BP-Twice. Red Velvet fell off a long time ago lol


Ive, New Jeans and Le Sserafim are good but IVE and New Jeans are more succsesful than Le Sserafim obviously. And also Aespa and Gidle good too. They should mentinoed Aespa and Gidle.


they forgot gg BTS

Color color stan

If BTS is a gg too then it’s really over for kpoop cause what achievements will your fanbases tweet 😂

Taste that savage

And jungcrook with his lord farquaad haircut would have the title of uglieest female idol


keep crying

Taste that savage

In being unattractive man. And looking like those tr@ns women that yell “It’s MAM”

are they really?

4th gen isn’t anywhere on the radar if we are comparing generations
charting, album, then touring are some basic metric for status evaluation

gee gee and cheer up are songs that defined a generation
of the 4th gen groups only fifty fifty had a viral song but the group can as easily disappear like crayon pop

snsd achievements alone is enough to crush everyone from the 4th let alone twice, the only gg that has beaten snsd’s records.
if bp decides to re signs their contract with 2 release a year, they’ll probably be the only one who can realistically beat twice in overall album sales


legendary were?😂 every 4th gen gg peak days stay for 1 or 2 years only & after that they flop sooooo bad


The fact that I struggled to even remember who tm3rd gen ggs are but could name more than 5 2nd gen ggs immediately.

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