5 albums that sold more than 2 million copies in the Korean music industry last year

BTS album
3.4 million copies
(released June 10, 2022)
Title song: Yet to come

Stray Kids’ 7th mini album
3.1 million copies
(released October 7, 2022)
Title song: CASE143

Two albums that sold over 3 million copies in Korea last year

Seventeen’s 4th album
2.8 million copies
(released on May 27, 2022)
Title song: HOT

BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album
2.5 million copies
(released September 16, 2022)
Title song: Shut Down

NCT Dream’s 2nd full album
2.1 million copies
(released March 28, 2022)
Title song: Glitch Mode

1. Wow Stray Kids is so popular

2. Well, Stray Kids is doing so well

3. BLACKPINK is daebak, they’re like a boy group

4. When I think of Stray Kids, the only thing that comes to mind is Hyunjin, the school bully

5. BLACKPINK are amazing girls

6. But is Stray Kids really popular overseas?

7. I wonder how long BTS will be at the top, hasn’t it been 10 years since debut? They are daebak

8. I’m surprised that Stray Kids is so popular

9. Wow, it’s crazy that BLACKPINK sold better than NCT Dream

10. Stray Kids has a lot of fans overseas, but I can’t feel it in Korea

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Only bts the organic one with 2 copies and streams that match and STILL charting on bb200 after releas

Last edited 19 days ago by beta

272772828 versions tease… only bts with 2 versions.


this is why they would never kick Hyunjin out , his c-bar contributes a lot on their album sales .


fr he’s too popular to be kicked out lmao


If they kicked him out, JYP would have to cut organic food and toilet paper out of the budget, and cut out every second light in the building. What are the people going to think when they walk by the building at night and the sign says J_P?

Last edited 18 days ago by Yoyo

7. I wonder how long BTS will be at the top, hasn’t it been 10 years since debut? They are daebak



They should include how many versions so at least people will know the reality behind those stats 😏


They would never


Proof did that with only 2 versions and the fact that it’s fckng expensive too. I know bts is moving organically but imagine if they would also release a 20 versions of their album? I guess we can finally achieve the 7M pre-order goal. 😁


Armys are so proud being the piggy bank of that company.. weird


You’re more weirder than my comment 😭

Grace Walker

Do you support your favorite financially?


They don’t, that’s why they’re flops


says the biggest pig here


I know nothing about stray kids , but how come their streams on Spotify never matched their albums sales ?
Is their something special about their albums or what ?


Part of it is A LOT of China sales and Chinese fans don’t use Spotify. Outside of that, they have a lot of bulk buying from fans and more importantly, they’re the only ones listening to the music. That last one is key, if they had a lot of casual listeners they would be breaking records for their generation and leading the pack, but instead they’re dwindling behind a growing list of 4th gen ggs.


But I don’t see their impact in China. Their albums and songs are not best selling in China.


their c-bars are bulk-buying their albums hence why we can see that their album sales and spotify streams are not matching. Spotify is blocked at China btw


They’re the second most streamed Korean boy group on Spotify. How is it not matching?


Rookie girl groups get more streams than them lmao

Last edited 18 days ago by Tng

bulk buying 😂


This list is cheating, it does not include how many versions each album has. The only one with real logevity is Proof, the rest, between spotify agreement and multiple versions, are a farce. 


If the showed how many versions and the price they would know it’s just mass buying for that group


SKZ coming to number 1 spot this year.👌


Cause bts not there


I know yall will have a mental breakdown if BTS suddenly drops a surprise album next year lmao


in your dreams 😂 bts sold 3.6m copies from their old albums in 2022 only lmaoooo

Lazy Banana

4. When I think of Stray Kids, the only thing that comes to mind is Hyunjin, the school bully

No, seriously Hyunjin and Han are stains on that group. Whenever I watch year-end shows, I can’t bear to watch them because these two are just so problematic, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, JYP is never getting rid of them.


they already get rid of 1 member and probably think that’s enough


Me with RM in BTS. He should have been kicked out for racism. And Jungkook for almost killing somebody with his car.


Lmao you’re trying really hard 😭😭


Your delusions are spilling over onto the real world. Seek help before it’s too late


U tried hard but NO


me when I lie! killing? stfup


Still find it weird with that big number, they barely enter melon chart. Like even other bg that has less sales can get spot in top100 for a week or more


it’s thanks to bulk buying


BTS the only ones with actual demand and impact. The others have stuffed the sales with multiply versions at low prices. There should be more shame in this practice


Straykids are clearly second most popular boy group while NCT only popular in South Korea SM media play aren’t working overseas


nobody knows flop skz except the dumb kpop fans


environmental and sound pollution

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