5 brands that Jennie is currently promoting long-term

Chanel (2017~8th year)

Adidas (2018~ 7th year)

Hera (2019~6th year)

Gentle Monster (2020~5th year)

Calvin Klein (2020~5th year)

1. Wow, she became a Chanel model not long after her debut

2. Everything is perfect

3. She has a classy and stylish image so she suits all those brands

4. She looks so good with Hera

5. She’s perfect for Hera

6. I like the Adidas style

7. She really suits Chanel, Adidas, and Calvin

8. When working as a model, Jennie brings a stylish and luxurious style

9. Adidas x Jennie is really good

10. Jennie is amazing

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