5 male idols who did the ‘Smoke’ challenge well

Highlight Lee Gi Kwang

Shinhwa Lee Min Woo

Cravity Hyeongjun

Riize Shotaro


1. V is the coolest

2. Lee Min Woo is amazing

3. Shinhwa Lee Min Woo? I thought it was another Lee Minwoo, but BTS Jungkook also danced so well

4. Shotaro is crazy;;;

5. Personally, I think Lee Min Woo and Jungkook are the best, even though Jungkook is not mentioned in this post

6. No, but Hyeongjun? This guy has a very cute face but dances very well

7. V even has good facial expressions

8. I think V did the best

9. Lee Min Woo is crazy, he’s so good

10. V is crazy… Even the smile on his face when dancing is amazing

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