A Chinese drama used BLACKPINK Rosé’s picture to depict a s*x worker in the drama

BLACKPINK Rosé is being used her picture for a s*x worker.. Apologies from the production team [China]

A Chinese drama used Rosé’s picture to depict a s*x worker in the drama

1. Crazy

2. Are they crazy?

3. China is China, I hate China

4. Oh my god, are they crazy?

5. They don’t even follow the basics

6. Seriously, why is China always like that?

7. Wow I really can’t imagine something like that

8. Are they kidding me? She should sue them

9. Why did they do that to Rosé? The fans must be so angry

10. They’re ruining Rosé’s image, she should sue them

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huh which one is Rosé ? I can’t see her in the picture above


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She’s the first girl they edited so she looks like she’s wearing Chinese makeup


LMAO perfect choice. Jeremy agrees.


Didn’t know slvthyung was with Jeremy too 🤔 is that how bts got Grammy nomination?


It’s TALENT that got them nominations, a concept blonks are not familiar with.


Talent aka stabbing and getting stabbed

I mean what do you think they use those sharp chin reconstruction surgery jaws for lol


They used them all on sex worker chinsé so they could reduce her chin with 90% from original size :/


no they don’t do that but I can’t say the same for jenfad


jeremy oppa is not shocked


Your mom on the other hand was shocked when she had you, though she should’ve expected it after all those STD she got


oh are you talking about stdnnie?


Thats feel intentional tbh. I guess they saw her dating rumor with spotify ceo. This probably another example of bad publicity is still publicity for that drama.


🤣🤣 couldn’t agree more


First time China has been right about something

John. Xina

So another word they used a picture of Rose for what she is?


they saw rose and jeremy OPPA ina hotel and jump on it hhahaha.. this is what yg/blinks gets after licking china’s ass.


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Everyone knows her slut activities except her twink fans. Embarrassing


Her = slvthyung
Fans = armpits


Funny when there are actual picture of whoresè leading jeremy oppa for his nightly suck session.

And their streams still flopped.

STDennie gets passed around backstage at Music Bank and you worried about Tae?


Without make up that whore is nothing


China is correct

dot com bubble

Blinks are so proud their girlies are popular in China but China is depicting them as prostitutes help 😭


As if they didn’t call BTS all sorts of name, they literally beaten up Chinese armys for being fans of BTS. Don’t be too happy.


At least BTS dgaf about China lmao. Meanwhile Blackpink were playing with pandas trying to cozy up to Chinese people and sent one of its members to mentor there 🤣


The should add jennie as well


*the whole group


Nah Rosé fits the bill the most 😂 Jennie has just been caught with her boyfriends (sorta normal I guess), but Rose is straight up sneaking into private hotels with the Spotify ceo at night

BP haters are losers hahhahaha



I‘m sorry for Rosè if something like that happens again it could ruin her image


The blink bots are up and active. We all know it’s the same 2/3 losers mass voting

Taste that savage

Armpits worry about Taewh0re first. He’s playing mistress for wooga, bongo and nosekook


Wow you really can’t get over the fact that he is more relevant than your fav 😂😂 I would bet a million dollars you were the one behind the mass votes 😂😂😂


How you gonna let Tae body your whores while in a wig. This is embarrassing for your tramps, seriously

Taste that savage

Him body who? He will never be in BP league.


What league? The tanking league?


Not armpits forgetting about slvthyung and his multiple dadd13s 😂😂

It's whatever

Uh… they complain so much about China but something similar happened to jk and v when in a sk netflix program they showed them as killed people.


Knetz are very xenophobic so much that non Asian Kpop Stans are starting to mimic them. Look at this comment and how they talk about China.


They took those jeremy jokes a little far i guess


Lol they’re not wrong


All the comments here are so nasty I only hope the worst for you

How much per night?

So disgusting. Where is that place?! So that I can avoid going there.


Bitch u in china or what

If u r jealous, say it

Im glad that the ones who wrote all of these comments will go to hell. Aminnn

If u r jealous, say it

Nasib baik lah korang ni kafir. Kalo tak, mmg aku dah ceramah smpai lubang kubur kau.

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