A collection of school uniforms from the ’90s for kids who insist that NewJeans’ uniforms in Ditto are Japanese uniforms

School uniform advertisement from mid 90’s to early 2000’s

School Ghost Story 1 (1998)

School 2 (1999)

This was an article related to ‘Love Story in Harvard’ in 2004, but it accurately wrote about mid-’90s fashion

The change in school uniform fashion

1. It’s lucky that there are no Japanese in NewJeans

2. But somehow people are obsessed with NewJeans’ school uniform, it’s just one of the outfits in the MV

3. In the first place, Min Heejin doesn’t like Japan, but it’s funny that you guys are talking about Japanese sensibilities‚Ķ Besides, in a group that doesn’t even have a Japanese member;

4. When I think of Japanese school uniforms, I only think of crumpled socks and sailor uniforms

5. Even if it’s influenced by other countries, it’s not Japan

6. Anyway, the origin of the school uniform is not from Japan, so why are we arguing?

7. Jun Ji Hyun’s school uniform looks similar

8. Since the 80s and 90s in Korea were heavily influenced by Japan, I think I can’t say anything

9. Japan = Sailor uniform

10. Seeing this made me realize that NewJeans is so popular

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Looks like someone’s working hard to get bad publicity for Newjeans but nothing’s sticking lmao.

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