“A company that can’t do anything without BTS” HYBE’s crazy stocks right now

HYBE’s crazy stocks right now

Today, the whole market is crazy
But HYBE got the craziest shift

HYBE -9.62%

YG -4.2%
JYP -4.1%
SM -2.8%

Naver -4.2%
Kakao -4.0%

1. A company that can’t do anything without BTSㅋㅋㅋ

2. They need to drop even more, it’s still being overvalued

3. I was really looking forward to BTS’ music video, but to be honest, I’m so disappointed…

4. BTS’ album sold over 2 million copies in the first day, isn’t that a good thing? Why did HYBE’s stock drop?

5. It’s hard to expect a new big star in HYBE, a company that has grown in size thanks to BTS but they’re saving money on BTS right now. HYBE is just a crap company

6. Is it because the album wasn’t as successful as they expected?

7. Why are you saying that there are no famous artists except BTS? I know there are a lot of top idols in HYBE, but do BTS fans comment like that?

8. They were just in a bubble

9. Is BTS about to enlist in the army?

10. It’s still being overvalued

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