A female idol song that exploded overseas despite the reactions in Korea

ITZY ‘Mafia In the morning’

In Korea, because of the lyrics, there were a lot of bad reviews

But overseas ‘Mafia In the Morning’ is the best

1. I like that song

2. I don’t know any songs before Mafia and I don’t know any songs after Mafia

3. I like the song and the performance

4. I didn’t listen to it because the lyrics were so bad

5. Except for the lyrics, the choreography and melody are both so good

6. The lyrics are weird, but the song is good and the performance is amazing

7. It’s not because of the lyrics… but the chorus isn’t good either

8. I also like Mafia…

9. The melody is really good

10. This is my favorite song ㅜㅜㅜ The choreography is also so good

11. Everything is fine except the lyrics

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