A group that shows the incompetence of SM Lee Soo Man and producer Yoo Young Jin

Got the Beat consists of female idol members representing vocals and choreography in SM

They disrespect the other members

Yoo Young Jin’s lyrics and composition are really low level

1. This is why I realized that planning is very important.. The members are talented but SM’s planning is really bad

2. I doubted my ears after hearing the lyrics of ‘Step Back’

3. They gathered all the main vocals and main dancers and formed a group, but the reactions were so bad

4. I feel sorry for the singers who joined this group

5. Yoo Young Jin’s lyrics are really bad

6. Got the Beat is the group name? I don’t even know this group

7. What are they doing with Aespa, who is still a rookie group?

8. Aespa is the most pitiful.. They’re still rookies

9. SM used to lead the trend, but nowadays they are too outdated

10. Seriously, the members are all talented, but the songs are so boring

11. Yoo Young Jin and Lee Soo Man should be kicked out of SM

12. I didn’t even know there was this project group

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aespa aint no rookie group in sm eyes
they are old hags now that debut in 2020

can’t compete with newjeans, le sserafim and baby monster


Please baby monster has literal babies in their groups. Even new jeans looks like older girls in comparison to them😭😭😭
Aespa has lots of hype even now but sm is incompetent of how to really treat them. It’s like they are following the footsteps of bp in that, like how YG gave one cb in two years. And it can or can’t work on their favours only time will tell once their next cb happens. What we know is it’s not happening anytime soon. And with what is going inside sm its just an imagination to think it will happen soon. Jype is still maintaining their same concept of giving groups tons of cbs. Even with twice, when they are seriously a senior group now. Jype still are giving them cbs one per year. They should give them only solo gigs now. Nmixx are a victim of worst concept and songs and Itzy songs still sound pretty experimental. Jype need to work on their songs now and give their artists a little break from all these cbs. Hybe idk what they are doing but seems like they are playing their cards well with their ggps this time. YG seems to be on the brink of bankruptcy ngl. And Blackpink contract also is on months end now.


yall say this every time new group debuts

spicy spice

yoo youngjin and boa’s style just too outdated, feel like they still live in the past.


A women’s group with lyrics that insult women so much. And all of them are nothing without playback. It’s so sad for them.

S & M Play 😏

SM like to play S&M 😏


This group could have been so good. They had the top tier performers and singers of each group in the 4 different generations of Kpop, it was a project that only SM could do, and they fuck it up so bad.


Don’t worry hybe will get rid off it same with Super M NCT and Kwangya


what are you even saying? Your sentence doesnt make sense

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