A netizen claims that the identity member of BTS is RM

I think the identity member of BTS is RM

When I watch videos or interviews, RM sits in the center and it makes the group’s brand look more luxurious?

It seems like Bang Si Hyuk decided to form a group after seeing RM (right?), but the more I watch BTS, the more I understand why

1. I admit

2. It was a group that was originally formed around RM

3. Of course, he is the leader

4. I thought so for a long time. In fact, the scene that most people think of first when they think of BTS is RM’s speech at the United Nations

5. There are members who went to Big Hit because of RM

6. I understand what you mean

7. If BTS were a machine, the center of the software would be RM, and the hardware would be the most visible member on stage

8. This is the group that was formed thanks to RM.. He is the member who shows the most in songs and messages

9. I’m a fan of the other members, but I like Namjoon as the leader and the other members like it too

10. Anyone who likes BTS will admit it!! Bangtan started with Namjoon

11. Because Bangtan was created with Namjoon at the center

12. I’m a fan of the group, but Namjoon is the identity and backbone of BTS

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