A netizen revealed the reason the man in that picture is RIIZE Anton

The reason why the man in that picture is Anton

According to a Chinese fan, this is Anton’s outfit + bag

The man holding the woman’s hand in this picture has the same outfit and bag as Anton

What matters is the woman in the picture above

She is the woman who is painted green in this picture

1. Now I don’t know what is real and what is fake

2. What is right??

3. How do you know it’s the same person when her face is covered?

4. What happened?

5. But what’s the problem with dating? He’s an adult

-> You can date comfortably and enjoy the things you like like a normal person, not an idol. From the company’s point of view it’s a product, but if dating rumors break out then the price will definitely drop

6. He was arrested because of his bag

7. Anton’s dating rumors broke out?

8. Why can’t celebrities date?

9. They seemed to be friends in the past, but it seemed like she was a female friend, not a girlfriend

10. Pants and shoes look so different, right..?

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