A netizen said that AnKaMin (An Yujin, Kazuha, Minji) is the top 3 female idol visuals

The top 3 female idol visuals to me

AnKaMin (An Yujin, Kazuha, Minji)

[+178, -213]

1. [+74, -17] I love innocent, pure and natural beauty ♡

2. [+63, -12] I also think these three female idols are the prettiest, I never get tired of looking at them

3. [+49, -15] I envy people with tapered eyelids. I also wish that my eyes were like that

4. [+38, -10] These goddesses have an aura and also have that nostalgic first love vibe

5. [+33, -21] An Yujin and Kazuha are crazy

6. [+17, -3] Kazuha is so pretty these days

7. [+14, -2] What all three have in common is that they all have a high nose bridge and a slim, pretty figure

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