A post is going viral saying that Rosé’s face changed

Rosé’s face changed

She looks like Kwon Eunbi now

1. I think it’s just because her eye makeup is different… Eyes look a bit drooping + light eyeliner ㅠㅠ Leave her alone ㅠㅠ

2. She looks like Baek Yerin

3. If you look at other photos, she looks the same

4. She definitely did her eyes and her nose is different too

5. ? Why are her eyelids so dark?

6. Is there any difference in makeup style??? There’s something a little different but I don’t know what

7. Is it just a difference in makeup style?

8. Did she do her eyes..?

9. Her double eyelids seem to have become darker?

10. Were her double eyelids always this pronounced?

11. Is she just swollen..?

12. She reminds me of Baek Yerin

13. Rosé is always pretty~

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