A video of 3 TWS members dancing shocked netizens with their dancing skills

A video of 3 TWS members dancing has just been released

Left – Youngjae – main vocalist
Middle – Jihoon – main dancer
Right – Kyungmin – Currently the youngest male idol at HYBE (16 years old, born in 2007)

(TWS is Pledis’s rookie group with 6 members and today is their 50th day of debut)

1. Wow they dance so well

2. It’s been 9 years since Seventeen but it seems like they’ve debuted talented idols who sing live and dance well

3. Who’s in the middle??? He dances so well

4. Youngjae is the main vocalist, right? Why does he dance so well?

5. Crazy, they all seem to dance really well

6. Jihoon is in the middle, right? The main dancer is the main dancer, he dances so well. The other members here also dance so well

7. Everyone is good, but the person in the middle is really good

8. Wow, everyone dances well, but Kyungmin’s dance moves are my favorite

9. Wow, I was surprised because it was better than I expected

10. I’m looking forward to their year-end performance

11. They danced so well, I was surprised that they danced better than I thought

12. This group has nice body proportions and everyone looks so light when dancing

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