A weird detail in ChenBaekXi’s statement about SM today

A weird detail in ChenBaekXi’s statement about SM today

“We then asked again what SM’s position was regarding our statement. Also, we proposed paying usage fees for SM’s music and assets in exchange for 10% sales, but they ignored our proposal”

They proposed to pay for usage fees, even though that’s a given?

Do they know that SM could’ve asked for 10% sales and usage fees?

So, in conclusion, they’ve been using it thinking it was free all this time

1. I hope they take away their name too

2. Why is EXO’s ending so sad?

3. I can see why SM ignored the proposal

4. What can I say? I feel like they don’t know much about what’s going on in the world

5. SM needs to take strong legal action. Otherwise, they have to listen to these requests from artists

6. Of course they have to pay usage fees. Are they really idiots?

7. They have no conscience

8. SM fighting. The day I support SM is coming..

9. I was confused about this part too, I thought I read it wrong so I had to look at it again

10. It seems like they don’t even think about the members and fans, all they see is money

11. Huh? They weren’t paying usage fees all this time? If they are asking for 10% sales including the IP usage penalty, SM is really letting things slide for them

12. I never thought the day would come when I would cheer for SM. This time, I’m cheering for SM to win

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