A white butterfly appears at the memorial for Astro Moonbin

Some fans say they’ve seen that white butterfly since the day he passed away

1. Moonbin-ah, be happy

2. I hope that you can fly freely now

3. He transformed into a white butterfly and flew freely, be happy

4. Bin-ah, I hope that you and the people you care about are happy

5. My mother also saw white butterflies flying around the neighborhood after her grandmother passed away.. I hope he is happy there

6. I also remember having a white butterfly perched on my grandfather’s shoulder when I went to my grandfather’s house after taking care of my grandmother’s funeral

7. When my grandfather passed away, I saw a white butterfly hovering around the gravestone..ㅜㅜ

8. I saw a white butterfly on my mother’s funeral

9. It’s really hard to see butterflies in the city these days…ㅠㅠ

10. I guess he went to meet the fans

11. I hope this comforts the fans

12. What should I do?… I cried a lot…….. Bin-ah, you must be happy

13. Bin-ah, are you happy? I miss you so much

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