AAA’s group photo today that’s getting criticized for being too much

The people sitting in the middle on the chairs = actors

The people standing around or sitting on the ground = singers, idols

1. At other awards ceremonies, everyone sat on the ground and took good pictures

2. Is it this year?? Did that happen again this year?? Crazy

3. Aren’t all the seats filled with fans of idols? This is ridiculous

4. For the Korean awards ceremony, actors >>>>>>>>>>> singers

5. Reminds me of MAMA

6. Last year, something like this happened

7. But why do award ceremonies treat actors well and disrespect idols, singers…? I don’t understand

8. Please treat the singers well

9. People don’t go there to see actors, people go there to see singers

10. It reminds me of MAMA. Most idol fans will buy tickets for MAMA and AAA, but why?

11. Don’t curse at the actors, please curse at the organizers

12. Why are the actors here? Isn’t it an award ceremony for singers?

13. More than 80% of the fans sitting there must be idol fans

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