“‘About to enlist’ Seventeen received good news, surpassing BLACKPINK”

‘About to enlist’ Seventeen received good news… surpassing BLACKPINK

Seventeen ranked 1st in idol group brand reputation in February 2024

2nd place is (G)I-DLE, 3rd place is RIIZE

IVE ranked 4th and BLACKPINK ranked 5th

1. Leave BLACKPINK alone

2. This reporter is crazy!!!

3. Reporter, why do you say this?

4. Is this reporter crazy? What’s wrong with Seventeen or BLACKPINK?

5. This is so annoying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Pledis seems to release promotional articles based on comparison, is that an inferiority complex?

7. ? What are you writing about?

8. No, BLACKPINK even ranked 5th, why did they include BLACKPINK in the title?

9. Why is this reporter so crazy?

10. If you read the article, it talks more about the other groups… But the title is crazy

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