Actors who have more than 20 million followers on Instagram

Cha Eunwoo

Lee Min Ho

Ji Chang Wook

Lee Jong Suk

Park Seo Joon

Song Kang

1. I also followed Song Kang for the first time after watching My Demon, he’s really cool

2. I’ve been following Cha Eunwoo

3. I followed Eunwoo and Song Kang

4. I liked Song Kang after watching My Demon. He is the best

5. Wow, Ji Chang Wook is so popular

6. Ji Chang Wook is so popular in China

7. I recently watched My Demon and Song Kang’s face was crazy

8. They are all good actors with good looks, charm and acting skills

9. I like Lee Min Ho and Song Kang

10. These actors have many foreign fans

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