Actress Kim Sae Ron is currently under investigation for DUI charges

Actress Kim Sae Ron, ‘drunk driving’ in Gangnam, rammed a roadside structure… The police are investigating

Actress Kim Sae Ron is currently under investigation for DUI

Police discovered that a vehicle had rammed a roadside structure near Gangnam’s Hakdong intersection at around 8 AM KST, and was attempting to flee the scene

1. No, I was surprised.. Is it really Kim Sae Ron?

2. She’s still too young, but her future is ruined by herself

3. I really hate DUI, but why did she do that?

4. Wow, she’s so young, she only learned really bad thingsㄷㄷㄷ

5. She only learned bad things in the entertainment industry when she was young. Let’s live and be grateful that you didn’t k*ll anyone. I don’t want to see her anymore

6. Why? I thought she was just a well-bred child, but I was shocked

7. When I saw the title, I doubted my eyes… crazy…

8. Hey, you only learn bad things from living in the entertainment industry?

9. Wow…. You look great as an actress. Why did you do that?

10. Saeron-ah.. why?

11. She is really stupid

12. Oh my God..?????? I’m so shocked…

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