Ad views of music videos released in April

Ad views of music videos released in April

Seventeen – MAESTRO

Views: 39 million
Actual views: 15 million


Views: 25 million
Actual views: 12 million

ILLIT – Lucky Girl Syndrome

Views: 15 million
Actual views: 6 million

1. More than half of them are ad views

2. Where did you find this?


3. The rates are similar

4. Wow, does NewJeans really have no ad views? I looked at Bubble Gum, Ditto, Hype Boy and there was no red

-> Bangtan and NewJeans have never used ads before

5. Wow, more than half of those are ad views

6. This is how they get points on music shows…

7. Daebak

8. There are not many differences between groups

9. There were more ad views than I thought

10. NewJeans is awesome, they don’t run ads

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