Netizens say that Jang Wonyoung’s older sister got a lot of ads thanks to Jang Wonyoung

Ads collection of Jang Wonyoung’s older sister, actress Jang Da Ah



Kenneth Lady

She will appear in TVing’s “Pyramid Game” in 2024

1. She’s pretty but her expressions are a bit awkward

2. I’m curious about her voice

3. She needs to practice her facial expressions

4. It’s more like the freshness of an amateur model than that of a celebrity

5. I don’t think she would be able to promote like this without Jang Wonyoung

6. She really can’t use her mouth

7. I don’t think she would have debuted without Wonyoung

8. Every expression is awkward, is she good at acting?

9. She doesn’t have a job, but thanks to her younger sister, she got a lot of ads

10. She can’t use her face

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