Aespa ‘Armageddon’ challenge (choreography spoiler)

Aespa ‘Armageddon’ challenge (choreography spoiler)

1. Hul the song is crazy

2. Karina dances so well

3. This choreography is perfect for Karina, it suits her height

4. Hul Winter is really good at dancing

5. I like this song, I’m looking forward to the full version, the choreography is cool too

6. The song and choreography are so good, and Karina is crazy

7. I like the song and the choreography

8. When I look at Winter, I can clearly see every movement

9. Why is Karina so good? Even her style is crazy…

10. Karina’s proportions are crazy

11. Wow, 2024 is the year of Aespa. The song quality is really good

12. This song is crazy, I got goosebumps as soon as I listened to it

13. The choreography is so good

14. Winter and Ningning dance so well

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