aespa ‘Armageddon’ Superbeing Ningning, Karina is receiving a lot of positive responses

aespa ‘Armageddon’ Superbeing Ningning, Karina

1. As expected, Aespa is amazing

2. Karina, is she crazy?

3. Ningning is crazy, she is really good at taking photos

4. Both are amazing, but Ningning really suits this concept

5. Karina’s first photo is crazy

6. Ningning looks like a model. I really like the photo of Karina’s face

7. Karina is crazy, she’s so pretty

8. Hul, Karina is so cool… She really looks like a doll in the video

9. Just looking at Karina’s face makes me feel cool

10. Karina’s facial expressions are so pretty

11. It’s really beautiful… I’m looking forward to this album ㅠㅠ

12. Even the video is cool

13. Ningning seems to be so good at taking photos..

14. Karina is crazy, she really looks like AI

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