Aespa Karina went to the pop-up event after her dating news broke today

Aespa Karina went to the pop-up event today

1. Jimin-ah, there are a lot of people supporting you, don’t get sick💙

2. Wow… so pretty ㅠ

3. She looks happy. Don’t worry about negative comments, fighting!

4. She’s pretty no matter what she does ㅠㅠ

5. I hope that she doesn’t mind the malicious comments

6. She looks like a fairy

7. She seems happy

8. I hope Jimin eats well and prepares for their comeback.. I love Aespa

9. I’m glad she looks good

10. She is also so pretty today

11. She’s so pretty, her smile is pretty too

12. Karina, be happy

13. When I look at her face, everything seems fine and all I want is Yoo Jimin’s happiness

14. It’s nice to see her smile, Karina, be happy

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