aespa ‘Licorice’ Universe (track video, concept photos)

aespa ‘Licorice’ Universe (track video, concept photos)

1. Karina really looks like a character from the game

2. The quality is good

3. Aespa is Power Rangers?

4. The concept is really cute and the quality is good

5. Power Rangers?? K-Pop is amazing

6. This concept is funny

7. This concept is awesome

8. No, what’s wrong with K-pop female idols these days?

9. Aespa’s new album is really impressive

10. Is there any difference between track video and MV???

11. Hul I really like this concept

12. The music video is so funny but the quality is so good

13. The video quality is amazing

14. Aespa’s album this time is so fun

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