Aespa stuns netizens with group photos for ‘Armageddon’

aespa ‘Armageddon’ Superbeing

1. Hul they are super pretty

2. Hul I love these group photos

3. Karina is crazy…

4. Winter, why are you so pretty?

5. These photos are beautiful.. They used their bodies and facial expressions so well

6. Karina looks a bit like Jeon Soyeon

7. I love these outfits

8. This concept is really cool.. I’m looking forward to it

9. Ningning has good facial expressions

10. The accessories and outfits are gorgeous, but the face wins them all…

11. SM has always been so good at planning

12. Winter is crazy this time

13. The first photo is really beautiful. They look like magical girls

14. Wow… they look like magical girls

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