Aespa ‘Supernova’ reached 6th place on Melon Top 100

Aespa ‘Supernova’ reached 6th place on Melon Top 100

1. Bring the light of a dying star~

2. The song is so addictive

3. The song is addictive and the MV is also so beautiful

4. The song is so good, I’m not even a fan but I still listen to it

5. I’ve watched the MV 50 times already ㅠ

6. The song is really good ㅠ

7. I love the song so much

8. I really like this song, I watched the music video many times

9. I really like this song.. Let’s get 1st place!!!!

10. The song and MV are fun and good

11. As expected from Aespa

12. I’m still listening to it

13. I liked this song as soon as I heard it. I think it will go even higher

14. Aespa is daebak

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