Aespa vs LE SSERAFIM, who will win??

These two groups will be making their comeback this May, who do you think will get 1st place???

[+4, -44]

1. [+68, -47] Who will get 1st place? Aespa is the A-list group and LE SSERAFIM is the B-list group, so what are you comparing?

2. [+52, -39] LE SSERAFIM isn’t even the A-list group, why are you comparing?

3. [+41, -36] Aespa

4. [+39, -42] Everyone knows that Aespa will win no matter what

5. [+28, -19] Who listens to the wilderness except their fans?ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+21, -3] Aespa fans are still living in the ‘Next Level’ eraㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+15, -2] For album it’s Aespa, the group with the best song will win in terms of digital

8. [+11, -2] Digital: LE SSERAFIM

9. [+9, -1] If Aespa fails again this time, won’t they be confirmed as the B-list group?? This is not the time to beat other idolsㅋㅋㅋ

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as usual sm stans with their superiority, I’ll be quiet if I were them like you don’t know what the future holds..


You sounds like hybe stans are’nt also feeling superior when it comes to their idols. Maybe you guys lack self awareness.
Why don’t hybe stans hype lesserafim. If you’re so jealous about sm stans supporting aespa.


hybe stan is a pile of disgusting breed. they drags others to hype on hybe group. but then shit on nj when nj charting higher than their faves. jin rm jhope jimin, no bts member could outchart nj till now.


exactly. they’re always dragging aespa calling them disgusting names


yes no one knows what future holds…look at Twice, flopping harder than anyone. So dont get too cocky


weren’t aespa flops too? that’s what y’all said lmao


lmao sm stans and their superiority complex. they learnt nothing from bts single-handedly ended exo and sm was on the verge of being acquired by hybe.


Aespa on their tour meanwhile lsfm still stuck with doing kcon. No daesang no opinion lmfao


SM stan so pathetically inferior they need to have a NJ username to try getting them dragged all the time because you’re so threatened. LSF is getting ready for their tour, and unlike those robotic girlies, they won’t flop everywhere outside of east asia.


You really think that ditto is an sm stan? I literally saw him/her shitting about sm idols in a different pann article. Why do i know? Cause i always reply to ditto’s comment shitting aespa while praising NJs.

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dot com bubble

Lmao ngl this is funny cause EXO-Ls used to throw this “no daesang no opinion” shit around when BTS got no daesang for 3 years since debut but look at who has the most daesang 😂


so you’re saying lesserafim is the female bts? 😭 Y’all are so delusional


& still flopped so bad


Hahaha aren’t you feeling superior too. These bts fans don’t have self awareness. No need to look at others, just look at yourself and you can see what an egotistical person with superiority complex looks like


Not the pots calling the kettle…


I hate how much people downplay Le Sserafim, they have such a strong and stable growing fanbase, and it’s not like they are some unknown group 😒


Right and they aren’t even a year old. I have NO doubts that their song is gonna be a banger and the growth they will show from Antifragile era is gonna be really huge.

I love aespa too, but I would be lying if I said I was as confident w/ their comeback as I am w/ Le sserafim. This is super important for aespa though since its possibly their full album… and they have a lot more to be compared to vs when Next Level topped the charts.


why do y’all want aespa to be flops so bad? lesserafim are nowhere aespa’s level and that’s ok


and last comeback they were #2 in all charts, because (G)I-DLE.


It’s depend on the song, aespa reached their peak with next level. But they new song need to be good to let them stay in A-list idol


god I hate you hybe retards so fucking much. saying aespa reached their peak when they got their first pak and daesang with savage. I hope that company burns and that pedophile pig bang pd fucking dies


6. [+21, -3] Aespa fans are still living in the ‘Next Level’ eraㅋㅋㅋ
Spill, Aespa latest songs are flopping


So when your idol’s song is not charting, it’s called prefence. But when an sm song isn’t charting well it’s called flopping. Wow


aespa’s last song got into melon top 10 and so did their bside illusion, not to mention they managed to sell 1m copies. how is that flopping u nasty bitch???? I fucking hate all of you hybe stans.

dot com bubble

I’m excited to see which comments will age like fine wine and which comments will age like milk 👀


most of the comments are hybe stans calling aespa flops and hags (mind you they’re all girls in their 20s)


Obviously le sserafim
They have no skip album


Aespa an A-list group? Aespa fans are next level with their delusions.


yes, aespa is an A-list group. u nasty little bitch


Who will get 1st place? Aespa is the A-list group and LE SSERAFIM is the B-list group, so what are you comparing?
😂😂😂😂 b!tch where? lesserafim latest comeback outsold aespa’s entire career


I’m gonna get back to you? Bitch where?


y’all are so retarded I’m crying. antifragile is NOT bigger than savage or next level


Honestly I think it just depends on who releases the better song.

Le Sserafim is in 3rd place with current 4th gen rookies after NJ and Ive. Antifragile had a really good response so I think they were able to recover well from debut era. HYBE has a sound that I think has the advantage for charts atm and there is a lot of potential still to see what lsrfm has to show.

There is a lot of anticipation for aespa and they’ve done well in the past but I still feel like they kind of need to prove their stability w/ GP appeal. They’re gonna do crazy numbers with album sales but as long as they don’t drop another Girls they should do well.


how they need to prove their stability w the general public when they already managed to made a name for themselves in the industry? meanwhile no one even knows who lesserafim are in korea except for armys who token stan them

Saint Seungri

japanese ancient hag put a curse on the aespa and they will fail 🙂


If she a h@g then what does that make jenh@g?


Le sserafim is going to devour Aespa, they surpass them in skills, music and the 5 are very synchronized, even has a member who writes songs. 


lesserafim are ugly, arrogant bullies who can’t sing for shit. and yujin is NOT a good songwriter


Just. As a long time fan of other SM groups. Fans of SM groups in general are not good at streaming.


aespa and nct dream fans are the exception.

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