Aespa Winter looks legendary with pigtails at Hanyang university festival

She looks so pretty with those high teen clothes!!!

1. She looks really pretty with that stylingㅋㅋ I also want to see it as a concept album

2. She’s so cute and pretty

3. This is the best hairstyle I’ve seen so far ㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s seriously legendary

4. Her hair color is perfect right now, she’s really pretty

5. Wow, she’s so cute.. I hope they come back with that concept…

6. She’s a fairy… Her skin is really white

7. It’s weird that they lip sync during the university festival too

8. There are many singers who lip sync, why do you guys keep talking about Aespa?.. Winter is so cute and pretty

9. She is so pretty. I want to go to Aespa’s concert

10. The hair color suits her so well and she’s so pretty

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