Aespa Winter’s legendary ending for Spicy on Music Bank today

Freaking pretty

1. Wow, Winter is daebak… She sings and dances well, and she was born to be an idol

2. She looks like Taeyeon

3. She looks like Im Soo Hyang

4. I was surprised, I never thought she looked like Giselle, but I could see Giselle’s face in that picture

5. Wow, she really looks like Taeyeon, she’s pretty

6. She looks more like Giselle than Taeyeon, right?

7. Hul, that hair suits her so well

8. Seriously, she looks like Taeyeon

9. Her outfit, hairstyle, and makeup are perfect and even her expressions are insane

10. Wow, I thought it was Taeyeon..

11. She’s pretty, her hair color is pretty, suits her so well, and her makeup is pretty too

12. Wow, she’s so pretty and her hair suits her so well

13. I think Winter is the prettiest these days

14. Legendary

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