Aespa’s chaotic scene at the airport

Aespa’s chaotic scene at the airport…

1. Is it China? How can I listen to so much Chinese?

2. Are they really fans?

3. Are they foreigners? I think the members will get injured

4. No, it seems too dangerous

5. Why are there no bodyguards?

6. I think they need more bodyguards…

7. There aren’t many people, but these people are crazy;

8. There don’t seem to be many people so I think adding a few more guards will solve the problem

9. I think they are Chinese

10. There are so many Chinese fans at the airport these days, it’s a mess

11. Are they Chinese???

12. Why do they act like that even when they go to someone else’s country?

13. They look like zombies

14. I kept hearing Korean between the screams. Is this Korea?

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