Aespa’s concert is currently receiving negative responses

Aespa’s concert is currently receiving negative responses…

It was said that Aespa fans were sitting down, but the staff stood in the front row, chasing the singers on the seats and filming them

They obstruct the fan’s view

1. Fans are paying 200,000 won to go see the staff???

2. There were many complaints about Aespa’s concert

3. What the hell is this…?

4. They will make money by taking those photos

5. Other than this, the general response to Aespa’s concert was so good and all fans were satisfied

6. I thought it was Aespa’s fault. Is this Aespa’s fault?

7. The fans in that area must have been furious

8. Isn’t the concert just for the fans? What are the staff doing?

9. Are they holding a concert for filming purposes? If they were going to do that, why would they sell tickets for hundreds of thousands of won?

10. I’ve been to many concerts but this was my first time witnessing a scene like this

11. Staff??? This is my first time seeing staff obstructing fans’ views at a concert

12. What the hell are they doing?

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