Agency responds to rumors that Rain is cheating on Kim Tae Hee

“Rain, even Kim Tae Hee knows about his love affair with the golfer”… His agency is angry

There are rumors that the top star, who is married to a woman of renowned beauty and intelligence, was currently cheating on his wife with a professional golfer, ‘A’

The Rain Company, “We will take legal action right away”

1. I was surprised when I saw the title

2. Those who create and spread rumors, why do they live like this?

3. Why do you believe such baseless rumors?

4. My friend, who doesn’t care about celebrities, saw it on Twitter, she was even surprised

5. Why is he having an affair when his wife is Kim Tae Hee?

6. I knew about it yesterday, but I can’t believe it

7. There’s a lot of fake news these days

8. It’s a rumor, but a lot of people believe it

9. I was so surprised.. I really can’t believe it

10. Please sue the person who spread the rumors

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