Album cover that is the worst album cover of all time

This is really an album cover released in 2023. It’s not Y2K

Even album covers from the 2000s are of better quality

This is Jungkook’s single album cover that will be released on September 29

1. Big Hit has no sincerity and no ability

2. Even though the album cover is like that, I’m still looking forward to this song. I trust and listen to Jungkook

3. Seriously, I think I’ll do it better

4. I feel like it would be better if Jungkook did it himself

5. What the hell? When I saw the title, I thought what kind of pathetic idol is this? Jungkook?

6. Looks like it could be done in 5 minutes using PPT, not Photoshop

7. Where did they spend their money?

8. Hul, isn’t that the Windows Vista wallpaper?

9. I think the quality would be better if it was made by a fan

10. There is a reason why V wanted to work with Min Heejin

11. They have a lot of money, but what’s the reason?

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