Album release schedule of SM artists in the second half of the year

7/10 – EXO 7th full album EXIST
7/17 – NCT Dream 3rd full album ISTJ

U-Know 3rd mini album Reality Show
HYO single
NCT full album
Aespa single (ENG)

Yesung mini album
Key mini album
D.O. mini album
RIIZE single

TVXQ full album
Ryeowook single
Taeyeon mini album
Taemin mini album
Minho single
Red Velvet full album
NCT 127 full album/single
WayV full album (CHN)
Aespa mini album/single (ENG)
RIIZE single/single
NCT Tokyo single (JPN)

1. I heard that Baekhyun will make a comeback as a solo artist, but it doesn’t seem like he will do it

2. Hyo is Hyoyeon?

3. Baekhyun won’t make a comeback this year?

4. There are so many artists.. It’s hard to manage them

5. When will Aespa’s full album come out?

6. I was looking forward to Wendy’s solo, but

7. I want to see Red Velvet soon…

8. Won’t Wendy make a solo comeback? Where is she?

9. I can’t believe this…

10. They should give Aespa a full album

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