Album sales of famous 4th generation female idols

Aespa (debuted November 17, 2020)

1st mini album Savage (2021.10.05)
792,074 copies

2nd mini album Girls (2022.07.08)
1,858,515 copies

3rd mini album MY WORLD (2023.05.08)
2,139,015 copies

IVE (debuted December 1, 2021)

1st single ELEVEN (2021.12.01)
511,214 copies

2nd single LOVE DIVE (2022.04.05)
954,998 copies

3rd single album After LIKE (2022.08.22)
1,718,422 copies

1st full album I’ve IVE (2023.04.10)
1,624,580 copies

1st mini album I’VE MINE (2023.10.13)
726,445 copies

LE SSERAFIM (debuted May 2, 2022)

1st mini album FEARLESS (2022.05.02)
547,310 copies

2nd mini album ANTIFRAGILE (2022.10.17)
1,137,273 copies

1st full album UNFORGIVEN (2023.05.02)
1,579,313 copies

NewJeans (debuted July 22, 2022)

1st mini album New Jeans (2022.08.08)
1,478,379 copies

1st single OMG (2023.01.02)
1,616,141 copies

2nd mini album Get Up (July 21, 2023)
1,973,778 copies

Singer who sold the most albums: IVE
Singer with the highest average sales: NewJeans
Best-selling album: Aespa ‘MY WORLD’

1. I’m looking forward to NewJeans’ next album

2. IVE sells so well even though they are not from a big company

3. NewJeans is crazy

4. NewJeans has sold 1 million copies since their first album, daebak

5. NewJeans >>>>>> IVE >>> Other groups

6. Everyone is amazing, the 4th generation female idols, their digital and album are all doing so well

7. NewJeans is awesome

8. I hope all the 4th generation female idols will do well

9. Is Aespa the only group to sell more than 2 million copies? Daebak

10. I’m happy that all the female idols are doing well

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