Albums with over 1 million copies on the first day of the first week on Hanteo

1 BTS Mots 7 – 2.65M (4 version)
2 BTS Proof – 2.15M (2 ver)
3 BTS BE – 1.95M (1 ver)
4 Seventeen Face The Sun – 1.7M (21 version)
5 BTS Butter – 1.7M (2 ver)
6 BTS Mots Persona – 1.48M (4 ver)
7 BLACKPINK Born Pink – 1M (8 version)

1. BTS sold over 2 million copies in the first day? Only BTS can break BTS’s record

2. As expected from Kingtan

3. Seventeen ‘Face The Sun’ has 21 versions, crazy

4. Wow, BLACKPINK sold 1 million copies in the first day, they’re amazing

5. BLACKPINK is amazing, they are the first girl group to sell 1 million copies in the first day

6. Daebak, BTS, BLACKPINK, and SEVENTEEN are all amazing

7. BTS is just a wall

8. Why are there so few versions of BTS albums? Wouldn’t album sales increase if you had a lot of versions?

9. BLACKPINK is seriously the one top girl group

10. Seriously, BTS is daebak

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read my name


hate bts all you want but they are the only kpop group who’s not doing digipaks & individual members’ albums plus sold out ‘proof’ collectible album over $200 that won’t even count for the album charts & is doing a 2nd preorder


So proud of BTS having sold their older albums alongside new ones 🙌🏼


Actually Born Pink have 23 versions

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