Am I the only one who has complaints about Kim Sejeong?

She debuted as an idol, but she’s getting more famous for her acting…

I want to see something fresh from Kim Sejeong, like I.O.I’s performances

I wish she would release a dance song instead of a ballad song.
It’s too bad that her voice is being wasted
She’s also good at dancing

She can act too, but please just release an album, or at least a single

[+406, -84]

1. [+261, -11] It’s a pity that she hasn’t been active as a singer ㅠㅠ Whether it’s dancing or singing, she does everything well

2. [+192, -7] If Gugudan had done well, she would have continued to be active as a singer…ㅠ

3. [+160, -8] I cried listening to Kim Sejeong’s ‘Flower Way’, so I hope she releases another song like that

4. [+119, -2] Seriously, Kim Sejeong, Jeon Somi, Jeon Soyeon are all all-rounders.. What happened to Produce season 1?

5. [+88, -2] Have you listened to ‘Plant’ with ‘Warning’ yet? If you listen to her songs a lot, I bet she will release new songs

6. [+72, -0] People keep saying that Kim Sejeong doesn’t sing anymore, but she keeps releasing solo albums. Maybe you guys didn’t care about her before

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